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If curiosity brought you here, we are already kindred spirits. I am naturally curious and I am always looking for my tribe.

I am a learner, an explorer, a seeker. I am hungry to hear stories big and small. And I love sharing those stories in ways that make people think and feel differently.

All that is to say – I have been performing professionally for the last three decades, as a singer, an actor and more recently as a director.

As a conservatory-trained mezzo-soprano, I have performed in regional opera houses and on concert stages in the United States and Europe. I have had an opportunity to travel, explore other cultures and dabble in six languages.

My first acting gigs were in local dinner theaters and theme parks doing traditional musicals, operettas and revues to pay those student loans. In 2012, at the suggestion of friends, I plunged into theatre. In a few short years, I have performed some great roles with some terrific people. Reading a new play is one of my favorite pastimes. I love the art form, the craft, the colleagues…the life!

Digging deep into scripts and scene work drew me into directing. It also brings me full circle back to opera. I have directed and assisted for the dell’Arte Opera Ensemble, Opera Studio at Queen’s College Aaron Copeland School of Music, North Shore Music Festival and Bronx Opera.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I am a NYC playwright and a good friend of Jeffrey Grover and I look forward to seeing THE JOURNEY.
    I also look forward to meeting you
    I wish you great success with THE JOURNEY and with all your journeys.

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